Dukla Battlefield – Normandy of Central Europe

Today a peaceful rural area on the Slovak Polish border, the Dukla Mountain Pass witnessed one of the biggest and most bloody battles of WWII on the Eastern Front - The Battle of Dukla Pass, officially known
as the “Carpathian Operation”.

Go back in time to explore the old battlefield
in a remote European region

Three months after the Allies landed in Normandy, on the other side of Europe burst a frantic battle between the Soviet Red Army supported by the Czechoslovak Corps and the defending German and Hungarian forces fortified in the Carpathian Mountains on the Slovak-Polish border.

Battle began in September 1944 and was planned to be a 5 days operation. Due to various reasons it changed into a 5 week long misery in the Carpathian Mountains. German and Hungarian defence led by Gotthard Heinrici contained about 100,000 soldiers, 2,000 artillery pieces and 350 tanks.

The offensive party was composed of the Soviet armies led by Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev of the 1st Ukrainian Front, and by Marshals Kirill Moskalenko and Andrei Grechko. The Soviet total power was from 120,000 to 150,000 Soviet soldiers.

The 1st Czechoslovak Army Corps was commanded by General Ludvik Svoboda and the strength of the army was about 16,000 Czechoslovak soldiers. The armies were equipped with guns and weapons including 1,517 artillery pieces, 1,724 mortars and 1,000 tanks.

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After the weeks of the fights stuck in mud, blood and fog the Germans were finally defeated and had to retreat. The price that had to be paid for this bitter victory of the Soviet and Czechoslovak armies was high – about 138,000 casualties on both sides in 50 days.

The tour will take you to the Dukla battlefield and guide you through all main sites. Come and discover also the „secret“ history of the area - abandoned roads and shelters hidden off the road.
Stories that we learned from that former soldiers and eye witnesses make the tour even more real and unique.
Years of experience and study have equipped our guides with deep knowledge of the area and World War II events. History is our passion and the region of Dukla is our home. That's why we know.


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